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Sober Companion

Our Sober Companions travel the globe and are able to integrate with ease in both personal and professional settings, collaborating effectively with rehab facilities, therapists, specialists, interventionists, and families. To successfully navigate and commit to a customised treatment plan, our coaches have the tools and experience to do just that.


A sober companion will usually reside with the client to offer around-the-clock support to help with the initial stages of recovery. As soon as an agreement has been reached, we begin to use our extensive resources to offer our clients the best solutions and tools available so they can achieve long-term recovery, manage difficult and triggering situations, gain independence, and good health.

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We assist with

  • Around the clock assistance in initial stages of recovery

  • Supporting our clients reintegrate after leaving rehab

  • Guidance on restoring family relationships 

  • Structure health and well-being plans

  • Planning for returning to work and home

  • Reintegrating into society with structured plans and goals

  • Recovery, home and life planning

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